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Roof Moss Cleaning Paramus NJ

Is Something Eating Your Roof?


Wondering what those black stains are on your roof, are they jet fuel, bird dropping, or is my roofing worn out needing replacement?  The answers to your questions is NO, All you need is a roof wash service.  Here at Ace Power Washing your roof can be cleaned effectively by using low pressure power washing techniques and safe roof cleaning detergents with anti mold inhibitors to protect your roof from future moss, lichen, and mold.

What is Soft Washing?

You may have seen across the internet about roof cleaning companies promising a magical cleaning technique using now pressure, DON”T BE FOOLED (soft Washing is the method of using a 12V sprayer to apply heavy concentrates of bleach which is devastating to your plants, pets, humans, siding, and surrounding landscaping ) which is why many contractors will lay down tarps and wrap plastic around plants, bushes, shrubs) and a magical roof cleaning shampoo that will clean your roof with the help of mother nature’s rain fall, but they don’t tell you that the results will not be instantaneously and mediator at that with only 20% roof cleaned results.  What I have to say to that is I will only pay 20% of the roof washing bill and the rest will be paid once my roof is fully spotless cleaned.  They will also mention to you a 1 year, 2 year, 3 year and a 5 year warranty with many underlining conditions.  This is just them taking the gamble that mold will not grow back on your roof and if it does they will come out again and spray that magical cleaner or sometimes depending on the condition they will just entirely denied your warranty and mention something to that of “you have too many trees or the weather conditions were extreme this year” which void your warranty, or lastly best of luck trying to find the same roof cleaning company, they may just be out of business due to the overwhelming complaints of roof cleaning customers with warranty issues that they have promised on there roof cleaning service.


Here is the good news, if the customer is willing to invest a few more dollars we can warranty all of our roofing cleaning services with a true 5 year warranty against Mold, Moss, Lichen and granular loss which will begin as soon as you have your roof sealed with Roof Pro-Tec Asphalt Shingle Sealer/UV Inhibitor granular stabilizer which is offered exclusively through Ace Power Washing, call us for the details at 1-888-4NJ-WASH Today for a free Roof Asphalt Shingle Sealer Treatment Estimate!!!!!


Ask yourself this question, There are three types of biological containments found  on your roof in the Northern New Jersey area.  1st is Gloeocapsa Magma which is a blue-green-black cyano-bacteria algae that grows due to the limestone in asphalt shingles which is the food source for the mold.  The second is Lichen which is formed after the black streaks have dwelled for a few months growing a black protection barrier for the lichen to grow and it will be followed also by green moss (which in some cases it can be as large as 7in across and the lichen to be as large as 4in in diameter).  So back to the question,  when other roof cleaning companies mention the soft washing/no pressure roof cleaning will effectively clean your roof, I would definitely challenge that theory because how can no pressure remove 4in lichen, and in some cases 7in green moss with no agitation soft washing or  no pressure.  The answer is that its impossible thus you will be left with a stained roof after being billed hundreds of dollars and a roof cleaning contractor stating that mother nature’s rain fall will do the rest as it rains.  The only truly effective way is with the proper roof cleaning detergents followed by our roof cleaning machine that has an adjustable pressure and ride height feature to insure proper impact of surface without causing roof damage.  We have been offering this roof cleaning method for over 25 years now and till this day, not one claim was filled against our insurance company for a roof cleaning service loss( We will provide a letter from our insurance stating these facts, upon request).  Call us today at 1-888-4NJ-WASH for a Free Roof Cleaning Estimate and a detailed roof cleaning process our company offers.  We will have a  NJ roof cleaning contractor dispatched immediately to your commerical or residential  property within one day to complete your roof cleaning service estimate.

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