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Siding Cleaning and restore

The Ace Eco Wash Difference

When was the last time you had your house power washed by a professional pressure washing company in NJ. The Vinyl Siding Institute of America  recommends to power wash exterior vinyl siding homes surfaces in NJ every 1-2 years or as needed  For Cedar Siding, Aluminum Siding, Brick homes, Stucco homes (E.I.F.S.,Dryvit or Synthetic stucco) must be pressure washed more often since the surfaces are less forgiving.  Ace Power Washing offers safe and effective  exterior house cleaning services in the bergen county area of NJ, NY, CT, PA to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew, stains, spider webs, mud hives from wasps, insect accumulations around front entrance portico, atmospheric pollutants, egg stains (During the infamous Goose Night in October around New Jersey neighbors), rust stains, and many more from your home.  Just give us a call to have one of our NJ House Power Washing technicians come out and give you a free property evaluation to see what power washing can do for you home, and asked about our exclusive exterior house surface protectant that is offered only through Ace Power Washing to help retard the growth of future mold, mildew, dirt & grime on your home’s exterior siding.

What is Soft Washing?

I am sure many of you have came across this question since many of us have seen this posted across the internet and catching sales materials around your NJ town, leaving you wondering what is SOFT WASHING.  Simply stated,  Soft Washing is the method of applying 100% pure bleach using a 12V pump sprayer.  This will cause severe damage to any surface including, roofs, decks, siding, and flowers, bushes, and any type of landscaping.


Soft Washing will only bleach the color out of the mold spore which is trying to be removed including the black streaks on a roof, lichen (which look like green paint splatter on a roof, and finally you have the green carpet looking moss).  The major problem using this method is that the mold spores will not be entirely removed and will just become agitated even more.  So the only way a single cell organism can defend itself unlike us humans, if someone came towards to attack you, you will instinctively use some sort of self-defense.  On the other hand, a mold spore does not have hands nor any other weapon but only to multiple extremely fast and abundantly to survive (about 8,000,000 time per sec).  What this means is that if your house, roof, concrete, deck, any other surface if it was cleaned using the soft washing method, the mold spores will come back in approximately 3-6 months, and when they do, the customer will be very upset because it will multiply quickly leaving more mold on the surfaced cleaned.  That is why many people will say that I never had this much mold before on my home and why does it come back so quickly. 


We at Ace Power Washing do not believe in this type of cleaning method, not only is it very misleading and deceptive to the customer, but also very dangerous.  Other power washing companies will mention not to use a pressure washer or don’t use high pressure on a roof or any other surface.  This is true not to use any high pressure on any surface expect for concrete which can be cleaned using higher pressure washing method.  Pressure Washers have been in the industry for about 30 or so years   We have been power washing properties in  Bergen County, NJ since 1990, which is about 23 years and our first pressure washer we bought was back then by the founder of ACE Power Washing.  Low pressure washing has been here for decades to be used by professionals in exterior business cleaning surfaces in the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania  but recently the new movement for Soft Washing has only been in the industry for about 5 or so years. 


This power washing method of cleaning exterior surfaces was created as a marketing sales technique to mislead consumers of NJ and over charged for power washing services.  If done properly, by a trained power washing technician with years of experience, low pressure washing will be achieve successfully with instant results to clean any surface including brick, stone, stucco, vinyl siding, cedar siding, aluminum, vinyl fences, cedar fences, roof cleaning, pool patio cleaning, and concrete paver stone.  Schedule today and have one of our NJ Power Washing exterior cleaning technicians perform a exterior house cleaning demonstration using our low pressure washing service today by calling 1-888-4NJ-WASH (465-9274).

We use Eco-Safe citrus oil based cleaning detergent with high foam surfactants with every house wash.

Will not damage plants and surrounding landscaping.

Ace Power Washing also includes our own Antimicrobial additives with gloss enhancers to protect surface and prolong maintenance cleaning intervals by about 18 months to 2 years longer than typical industry standard house wash.

We are the only power washing company in New Jersey that is offering free service.

Ace Power Washing will clean all surfaces including gutters, soffits, and fascia will be hand scrubbed withsoft bristle brush, other companies will perform the splash n dash technique only using hot water without cleaners. 

Vinyl siding manufactures recommend never to use  Hot water to power wash a house or siding may become warped due to heat and cause irreversible scarring to siding that will resemble random streak lines all over siding.

We offer Free exterior window cleaning including windows, sills, lintels, and screens using our water purification process to lesson water spotting on glass after every house wash. 

Without this you will not be able to see out of your windows.

Free exterior front entrance step cleaning with every house wash

Other companies will charge you extra.

All surfaces will be cleaned using low pressure washing and adjustable pressure gun lances to clean in those delicate areas where extremely low pressure is required.

Many companies do not have this gun and will use a fully open gun with no adjustable pressure that can cause damage to surfaces being cleaned.

Water Drops
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We have a 100%
happiness guarantee!

We will 100% guarantee your satisfaction in our services. If you are not satisfied, we will come back, free of charge until we meet your expectations!

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