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Deck Cleaning & Deck Staining Services

(Deck Power Washing, Low Pressure Washing)

Deck Cleaning Service Teaneck NJ

The Ace Eco Wash Difference

Is your deck green and gray?, thinking of replacing it? Save $$$ thousands by having a full deck restoration service offered exclusively by Ace Power Washing followed with a 1 year warranty.  Call us today to schedule to have one of our deck restoration technicians come out to give you a free estimate by calling 1-888-4NJ-WASH (462-9274).

What is Deck Restoration?

Here you will find about our deck cleaning & deck staining services offered at Ace Power Washing throughout all cities in NJ, NY, CT, PA including bergen, rockland, and passaic county.  Our services include but are not limited to deck waterproofing, deck restoration services, deck repairs, deck stripping, deck refinishing, deck brightening, wooden deck sealing, and deck sanding services.  Many of our deck service request come from  New Jersey customers asking us if we can rectify a problem that was caused by an unexperience power washing contractor that applied too much pressure with a power washer, or inproperly sealed decks, not testing for adequate moisture level thus resulitng in a blochy, uneven finish that seems never to dry always leaving a tacky residue appearance which collects dirt and debris resulting your deck to age sooner than later.  One may think that paying the cheapest price for deck restoration is the way to go, but actually in the power washing industry today, deck cleaning and wood restoration services are the costly and most time consuming services we offer,  ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars to 2-3 days for completion.  This is more reason to leave the restoration process to the professionals to restore your deck to it’s form glory properly to first time.  We can cater a custom deck waterproofing estimate specfic to your type of wood surface you will be restoring and also keeping your budget in mind.

What is the Deck Restoration Process and Types of Surfaces You Can Restore?

Today nearly 45% of the homes in New Jersey have some kind of exposed exterior wooden deck surface including perglas, gazebos, wooden fences, cedar shakes, cedar shingles, cedar roofs, wooden furniture, teak, ipe, mahagony, hardwoods, pressure treated and the list goes on,  that needs to be properly maintained and preservered with a 100% parafin oil based stain, which will give you the longest lasting natural  performance compared to other types of deck waterproofing products which are only film forming stains that will crack, peel, and blister within a few months.  All of our decks are treated with extreme care using very low pressure (never high pressure or hot water which will destroy wood fibers and cause irreversible damage) which is calibrated for deck restoration only using 300-500 PSI cold water and eco-safe deck cleaners to penetrate mold, mildew, tanin stains, dirt and grime.  Each wooden surface will recieve a full evaluation to see what type of wood you have and how sever your deck/wooden surface problem is.  You can identify the type of wood problems accociated with unprotected decks by looking at the chart above.  Once your deck has been evaluated by one of our deck cleaning & sealing technicians, we will then choose from the following types of stains to use (oil being the best will be recommend always unless deck is too far gone) which are 100% parafin oil, semi-solid, solid stain, and acrylic water based stains.

Different Types of Deck Stains

Oil based tinted stains are by far the best in the industry but not many manufacturs will offer a true 100% oil stain, some just have fillers added to them to keep cost down.  Our Oil based stain line comes from a reputable manufacturer from Texas called Ready Seal which is a true 100% parafin oil with mildew/mold resistant additives.  It also contains large amounts of natural earth tone transoxide pigments that will give you the riches most natural looking deck.  Ready Seal is also very concerned with our envirnoment and health in mind to give us a very low VOC oil based stained.  We have saved the best for last because   Ready Seal will pay for itself, yes that is right.  Once a deck has been treated with Ready Seal you will only need to re apply with a light maintenance coat every 2-3 years or as needed. The average life expectincly we have seen for NJ decks that are treated with Ready Seal are between 3-5 years on horizontel surfaces and 5-7 years on vertical surfaces.  Other types of stains that are not 100% oil will needed to be stripped down to bare wood (ex. semi-solid, solid stain, acrylic solid stain) before any type of stain to be applied which will cost your hundreds to properly stripped a deck and then repeat the process everytime your deck needs to be restored.  We feel this can be avoided by using the proper stain and having your deck stained by a professional company experienced in working with a product like Ready Seal.  Even though Ready Seal is a great product, since it is an oil stain it can be easily improperly applied since oil/water do not mixed, proper moisture levels need to be achieved before staining begins which are tested by using a delmhorst digital moistuer meter.  Moisture level needs to be under 8% for Ready Seal to properly penetrate into wood fibers.  The human eye cannot tell the difference between a 8% or 35% moisture level deck, that is why it is important to properly measure moisture level. This is why every deck restoration technician is certified by Ready Seal for deck refinishing and proper moisture level reading.  We are so confident to offer you a great product and service that Ace Power Washing will give a 1 year warranty from the day of last service for every deck restoration service in NJ, NY, CT, PA. (See attached deck warranty for more information that is given with every estimate).

Semi Solid Stain are transparent stains that allow the wood grains to be seen.  We do not recommend this type of stain (only by customers request) nor do we offer any type of warranty since this is an inferior film forming/typical product that will eventually fail requiring deck stripping inorder to restain again.  Any type of semi, solid, or arcylic stains needs to be completing stripped which it states on the manufactures can before new stain is to be applied.  Many decks in NJ are stained with this type of sealers that eventually the homeowner decide to go with a oil based stains, but in some causes it not possible due to the fact that you cannot entire stripped the entire stain, so one is forced to cover with a solid stain which will be mention below.

Solid Stains are not transparent that will not allow for any wood grains to be seen.  We   highly do not recommed this type of stain (only by customers request) because once you go with a solid stain you will never be able to go back only changing a different solid stain color, but eventually the years of building up of coats the deck finish will start to lift off and peel.Solid stains also can be used if a semi solid or arcylic stain did not completely remove during the stripping process. We can also use solid stains on decks that have been neglect for years and where a oil based stain will not work, you can cover with this stain so you can fill in all the cracks on the boards and splinters from the damaging effects of sun, water, and temperature

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