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Chewing Gum Removal Services NJ

Dunkin Donuts Gum Removal Services Hoboken NJ

Chewing gum litter is an ever-growing problem to commerical, industrial, Institutional, and governmental markets in NJ (North Jersey, Central Jersey, and South Jersey), NY (Manhattan, NYC), CT and PA communities.  At Ace power Washing, we understand the problem and the importance of having a cleaned store front concrete entrance.  Chewing gum not only is unsightly to your customers but is also extremely stubborned to stay for a long period of time and also unsanitary due to the bacteria that is growing inside each piece of gum.  With time if left untreated the problem will grow immensely to the point where it is invading your concrete’s true beauty with hundreds of black spots that will eventually become lodge underneath your potential new customers shoes.  This will not only become an annoyance to remove gum from there shoes but also will make a customer think twice about entering your store again and go to another store down the street that may have a better maintained store front sidewalk.  Discarded chewing gum is very difficult to remove and takes a skill level with years of experience in the chewing gum removal service.  Gum removal can be performed improperly and cause irreversible damage to concrete surface or any other substrate to be cleaned free of gum.  Ace Power Washing has developed a patent pending detergent that dissolves chewing gum and loosens up immediately to be followed by cleaning with high temperature steam at around 390F with very low pressure washing techniques to ensure proper impact of surface without causing damage to give you 100% removal of chewing gum from store front sidewalk. 

Benefits of using Ace Power Washing Chewing Gum Removal method versus the traditional with high pressure high water volume:

Effective:  High temperature (390F) very low pressure washing to remove chewing gum without causing damage to masonry substrate.

Eco Safe Detergents:  We use environmentally safe cleaning products without  any negative impact on the environment.

Efficient water usage:  Our state of the art chewing gum removal systems have a very low water consumption during operations (less than a few gallons a day).

Minimal Noise Pollution:  Custom fabricated steam equipment that has resonators

to lower noise decibel levels below OSHA standards.

Chewing Gum Removal Services

The following markets in NJ, NY, CT, PA will benefit greatly to have there property cleaned  by Ace Power Washing for chewing gum removal services:

  1. Shopping centers, Strip Malls

  2. Restaurants, Movie Theaters

  3. Banks

  4. Offices,Office Buildings

  5. Churches, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Sporting Events

  6. Gas, Service Stations

  7. Department Stores

  8. Condominiums, Apartment Buildings, Townhouse Complex

  9. Senior Citizen Centers

  10. City, Commerical, Industrial, Institutional, Governmental

Most Commonly effective areas requiring chewing gum removal services in NJ, NY, CT, PA:

  1. Entrance areas

  2. sidewalks, walkways, breezeways

  3. Drive-thru lanes, ATM concrete pads

  4. Dumpster pads

  5. Trash compactor pads

  6. Parking Lots, Parking Decks

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