Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are All Pressure Washing Companies the Same?

A.There are about 20 power washing companies born every year and nearly 85% of them will fail there first year due to lack of knowledge and skill level in pressure washing.  Power Washing takes about 8-10 years to master and develop a skill set to perform pressure washing services efficiently and effectively.  We at Ace Power Washing have been in business for well over 25 years now,  and are growing everyday in our knowledge and techniques in the power washing industry.  Anyone can purchase a pressure washer. Simply owning a pressure washer and advertising you offer a service doesn't mean you can operate it effectively.  A pressure washer in the hands of an unskilled operator can cause a great deal of damage to wood, plants, house siding, paint peeling and you can even permanently scar concrete sidewalks and cause injury/death to operator or pedestrians.


 Q. Do I need to be home when you're performing my cleaning services?

A. No, because we understand nowadays that time is very valuable to our customers and we make it very convenient  for them by performing our services to your property without the customers being there.  We will just need for the customer to close all windows, pull automobiles out of driveway, make sure outside water supply is accessible, and bring inside all delicate/fragile belongings, and we will handle the rest.


Q. Does Ace Power Washing offer any warranty on wooden surface restoration?

A. Yes, we absolutely do as should every confident company willing to stand behind there work.  We at Ace Power Washing offer a 1 year warranty on all wooden restoration projects, 2 year warranty on all exterior wood house restoration services, and 2 year warranty on exterior painted surfaces.  All of the details pertaining to each specific type of warranty will be attached to each specific contract.


Q. How Long will it take to power wash my home?

A. The average house wash will take Ace Power Washing approximately 2-5 hours depending on the size of the home and degree of staining.   Decks, Roofs, Concrete surroundings, awnings, will have different completion times based on type of service/size of surface being cleaned.  Some companies will mention that they will spend the entire day cleaning your home and this makes the customer think they are receiving a better quality job when really that are only paying more just to have the technicians take long to justify the higher price rate.  And at the end,  the house may still not be cleaned properly.


Q. Is Ace Power Washing Fully Insured?

A. Yes, we are, but you should take that answer as a grain of salt.  Cost to maintain proper insurance is very costly, You need liability (with in-care custody off), worker's comp, automobile, umbrella.  The average company has only liability insurance and that will only cover janitorial or construction codes.  Power Washing insurance is a special trade code that not every insurance agency offers and will cover the contractor with the wrong insurance policy and may not find out until the claim is denied.  A company can easily cancel their insurance in the beginning of the year which is a similar situation when an automobile policy is cancelled but the customer and they will still have a copy of the insurance card and submit it to whom ever when situation arises.  The same goes for Contractor Insurance, the contractor can provide you with the expired or cancelled insurance paper and just edit everything in photoshop to mislead customers.  That is why its important to receive the insurance documents from the actual insurance company and not the contractor you are hiring.  It is New Jersey law that any incorporated company to carry full liability insurance of $500,000 or more and $1,000,000 workers comp policy.  We have heard of situation where the customer neglected to ask the company for insurance for workers comp, and one of the employees got injured on there property and even though the homeowner had a home insurance policy some policies state that you must hire a fully insured contractor with liability/workers comp or claims may be denied.  Sure enough, the customer was sued and lost their home. 


Q. Are your cleaning detergents safe to be used around my property?

A. Yes,  all of our house, deck, roof, concrete, etc.... are safe to plants, pets, foliage, and are all citrus based oil with water softening soaps that will leave your window with less glass spotting, and each house wash will receive the only exterior surface sealant in New Jersey that will last up to 18 months to 2 years that will prevent the future build up of mold/mildew, dirt/grime and protect the exterior surface from damaging UV rays which contains an anti-UV sealant that will prolong the future surface oxidation.  You will see that companies will mention that their cleaners are biodegradable, when you really think about it biodegradable means a liquid that is absorbed in water.  Hydrofluoric acid is biodegradable and is deadly if inhaled or absorbed through the skin.  So is biodegradable really the answer you really wanna hear.  All of our detergents are a citrus based no caustic/hazmat base.  Our detergents are so safe that you can wash your hands.


Q. Should I just try to power wash myself and save some money?

A. Yes it is possible, but you will not achieve professional results and will wind up speeding more money(power wash rental=$120 per day x 2 days, Detergent=$45-$60, Specialize tips, extension poles, surface washers which are not able to rent and will cost you about $1,200 to purchase, and other miscellaneous cost) and time trying to perform power washing services yourself when you can just hire a professional company and save tons of money, time and hospital bills.


Q. My Deck is green, gray and black, Can I restore it or do i replace it?

A. You can if you wanna spend your hard earn money, or just call Ace and will restore your deck back to its former glory quickly and economically.  We at Ace Power Washing effiecently restore approixatemely over 300 decks per season from any types of wood species including ipe, mahagonoy, pressure treated, cedar, redwood, teak, exotic hardwoods, etc.


Q. What other services does your company offer?

A. We offer many other services besides power washing.  Click here to see a list of our other services.


Q. What equipment does your company use?

A. Ace Power Washings offers custom made equipment which is fabricated right here at our warehouse facility  in Garfield, NJ.  Our pressure washers are all truck mounted with  a 525 gallon water tank that have a gear reduction system which means that when the motor is no being used the engine will idle down which produces less emissions in the environment which we strongly support an eco green cleaning approach.


Q. Will my cost go up for all the fancy equipment you have?

A. Absolutely Not,  It will actually cost less then our competitors because it gives our employees the means to perform every job efficiently and economically thus leaving our customers with enormous savings.


Q. What is your companies turn around time for job completion?

A. We can successfully complete a house power washing in 1 day, wood restoration services will take 2 days.  Depending on specific job we will keep you updated on job completion.


Q. What is your companies policy on rain dates?

A. On a rainy day if it will be a constant downpour the cleaning service job will be canceled and it will be schedule within the next few days.  If the rainy day turns out only to be a few showers work will progress and the job will be completed the same day.


Q. What if I wanna cancel my contract?

A. In the State of New Jersey,  the customer will have 3 days from signing contract to be canceled with no questions asked, after that you will be liable for all expenses depending on the reason for your cancellation.  This information is attached with every contract under terms & conditions.


Q. Will water get inside my windows / wall AC units?

A. No,  we only  use low pressure when we are performing exterior house washing services followed by rinsing with a variable pressure washing lance which allows the technician to adjust the pressure from 800psi standard cleaning pressure to 100psi with the flick of the wrist the pressure will be instantaneously dropped.


Q. What gutter service do you offer?

A. We actually offer the new revolutionary gutter service called gutter jetting which cleans your gutters 100% thoroughly where as the traditional method by cleaning with just garden hose pressure will only clean them partially and eventually a backup will occur in your gutters and downspouts.


Q. Who will perform my cleaning services?

A. A trained certified uniformed cleaning technician that has gone thru extensive background checks and a thorough training seminar which has at least 5 or more years with working experience with Ace Power Washing, on how to properly use our eco-safe cleaning solutions and strategically apply them with our specialized applicator tips using truly state of the art, one of a kind pressure washing system efficiently and economically.


Q. Do You have referrences?

A.Yes, We will provide with a list of customers acorrding to your locations for convience so  you can see the work our company has performed

Q. How do you power wash my house?

A. We power wash your house using eco-safe cleaning detergents followed by scrubbing with a soft bristle brush as needed to achieve satisfactory results for the customer.  We pay special attentions to all trim work, gutters, soffits, fascia, and we are very conscious of your surrounding landscaping.


Q. What areas do you service in NJ?

A.We service the states of NY, CT, PA.


Q Does Ace offer 100% satisfaction guarantee?

A. We will 100% Guarantee your Satisfaction in our services. If you are not satisfied, we will come back, free of charge, until we meet your expectations! Our Customers are our #1 priority, day in and day out, so we will do everything in our power to keep you, our customer, happy!


Q. How many years are you in business , do you have a license?

A. We are operating in our 22nd year since our inception in 1990, offering power washing services to thousands of satisfied customers and many more with years to come.


Q. Do you offer discounts?

A. Yes we offer monthly coupons, military and senior citizen discounts.


Q. Do you offer Power Washing Group Discounts?

A. Yes we offer what power washing discount packages for large groups.  Call our office for details at 1-888-465-9274


Q. Do you do any charity events?

A. Yes, We offer our exclusive NJ Property Beatification Program which is offered to various cities on a monthly basis.  Call our office for details at 1-888-465-9274